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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we've noticed questions we get asked the most.

Here are those questions.

How high are your garden studios?

All of the QC garden studios are 2,500mm high. This usually means you can build them without planning permission.

It is worth adding the QCB annexe as it doesn’t typically require planning permission as it falls under the Caravan Act.

Can you design a garden studio for me from scratch?

No we have 3 predesigned base models that have customisable options. We have the QC6 are most popular maintenance free model. Then we have the QCB which has the best elements of the QC6 but at a more affordable price range.

Finally we have the QCB garden annexe. The annex contains both a bathroom and a kitchen and can be put together in space-saving L shape.

Do you offer finance to make it easier for me to spread payment?

Yes our partner will be able to introduce you to their credit broker. Finance would be subject to your credit score and checks etc

Do your prices include a mains connection to my garden room?

No it isn’t. However we have a qualified electrician who we partner with that is able to do this for you. Your mains connection will be guaranteed for 25 years, the same time period as our garden rooms.

Can you install a garden room in my garden as it has a slope?

Yes our unique base system allows us to instal our units on uneven ground.

What if I move home, will I have to leave my garden studio?

One of the huge benefits of our units is that they are portable. We don’t want you making an investment into something that you can’t take with you. Should you wish to take your studio with you when you move, then we can help you with that.

Will I need planning permission for my garden room or office?

In most cases you will not need planning permission as our units fall under permitted developments.

How long would it take to install my garden studio?

Our basic model can be installed on one day. Our largest models can take up to 6 days, weather permitting.

Are your prices including VAT?

Transparency is at the forefront of everything we do so yes, prices are including VAT.

What colours could I choose for my garden studio?

Our windows come in 2 colours: light oak or anthracite grey. For the exterior: merlin grey, anthracite grey, juniper green and black.

Is there anything I will need to do before installation?

We ask that the installation position be free of bushes, trees and any other obstacles. We will requite a photo of your site and a completed questionnaire to be completed beforehand. Our team will need access to power once on site.

What about insulation?

We use 90mm insulation in the floors, walls and ceiling.

How secure are your garden rooms?

Our glass window panes are made from toughened glass. Our doors and windows are all fitted with insurance rated lock systems. Our doors opened inward for extra security so their hinges are not visible from the outside.

Will I have to pay in full prior to installation?

No for our studios, rooms and offices, you’ll need to pay a £100 to reserve your installation date and then pay nothing until your unit is installed and you’re happy. For our annexe’s the deposit is £1000.