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Garden Offices and Studios

Home Office

garden therapy or treatment room

Treatment or Therapy Studio

art of yoga studio

Art or Yoga Studio

teens den or games room

Teens Den or Games Room

Our Portable Garden Offices and Studios With Zero Maintenance Exterior To Help You With Home Working and Business Solutions

2440 X 2440 Mm
8 ft x 8 ft



2440 x 3640 mM
8 ft x 12 ft



2440 x 4880 mm
8 ft x 16 ft



2440 x 6100 mm
8 ft x 20 ft




Join The Crowd and Work From Home

With more and more people now working remotely, garden offices have increased dramatically in popularity.

Whether you need a small office for one person or a space for your entire staff, Essex Garden Rooms has the solution for you. It will provide the peace and quiet, privacy as well as saving you time not having to commute.

We are the experts in manufacturing, suppling and installing zero maintenance garden buildings. We provide the design, materials, and project management for all your needs and create a building that is cost-effective, practical, and designed for low upkeep and maximum efficiency.

The building includes insulation, double glazing, electrics and installation - all of which are great value for money. You can be sure that when you come to us for your home office in the gardens, you'll not only get affordable quality solutions but also the most attractive building possible.

Why Choose Our Garden Offices?

The best thing about our garden offices is they are truly low maintenance, making them durable and long-lasting. It stays as beautiful, as the day you had it installed.

With the main structure being constructed of steel, there’s zero maintenance as compared to a timber constructed model.

a garden office
inside the garden office
inside a garden therapy room

Secure and Fully Insulated

Our Garden Offices are uniquely designed to be airtight and watertight. Our buildings are also highly insulated with windows and walls to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Our garden studios have been rigorously tested and can handle the test of time and the elements of the wet and windy British weather. The different shades of colours for our garden Studios are also environmentally friendly.

Our Offices can be fitted with the latest high security locking to ensure your new home working environment is safe from intruders and your work area kept safe and secure.

Personalise Your Studio

You are in complete control of the interior design for your home office. Choose from advanced options and upgrades to give your office a personal touch that you won't find anywhere else.