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Garden Rooms Or Home Extensions?

It costs on average over £8k to move home in England. This usually includes stamp duty, hiring a removal company and cleaning. That's why many property owners are choosing to invest into their current properties to provide them with more much needed space.

Here are some ways to increase you living space: you can install, build an extension a conservatory or convert your loft. You should consider the needs of your family to help with your decision making. Building a garden room or an extension has their own pros and cons so it's worth considering those as well.

We will cover the following topics:

  • How will you use your extra space?

  • Will you need to apply for planning permission

  • Gas, water and electric

  • Increasing your properties value

  • How long would it take to build an extension

How Will The Extra Space Be Used?

The type of extension you need depends on what you're planning to use it for. For example, Essex Garden Rooms could provide a tranquil space for the homeowner to work in or relax in while at home, while an office or a studio for your yoga practice may be more appropriate for other uses.

You might want to consider building a garden room if you want to play some music. These rooms are not joined to your home so that the noise won't disturb anyone.

Essex Garden Rooms offers additional soundproofing options to not only provide privacy, but also to prevent disruption to any neighbours. For example, if you have a garden at the back of your property, it can function as a great dining room or living space.

Will You Need to Apply for Permission From Planning Authorities?

Want to add a new room to your home? Make sure to apply for planning permission first. You can build a garden room as long as it adheres to permitted development guidelines in your area.

When building a garden room, you don't always need planning permission. You just need to check that it falls within the permitted development guidelines.

If you want to build a garden room, most of the standard models are exempt from needing a planning permission. Have a look at our catalog and find out which models will be possible for you to build according to planned building regulations.

Gas, Water and Electric

The desire for home owners to keep their homes comfortable and save on energy costs has led to the proliferation of insulation becoming a necessary aspect of keeping your home, especially the attic, well insulated.

A dropped ceiling may be called for as you have an exposed wall. 3 common materials for insulation are either plastic foam, glass fibre or thermal lining boards that can complement any interior decor and save energy over time.

Most people are familiar with insulation. Installing it in your house can help you save money on energy bills in the long-run. Insulation is used to block heat transfer between two surfaces, such as an external wall and the ground. There are different forms of insulation materials and each material has its own pros and cons.

You can count on our garden buildings to be well-insulated and prepared for any type of weather. We use industry leading slabs of 100mm rock wool insulation, as well as double-glazed and gas-filled windows/doors.

Every new home is now built with insulation. The insulation, which is usually R-13, helps keep the energy bills low even if you have to install extra heating units.

Increasing Your Properties Value

Building an extension for your home can add a lot of value to it, especially if you build an extra story with another bedroom and living area.

Home extensions are a great way to add value to your property and create the room you need for your family. People often opt for a two story extension that includes an extra bedroom and living room.

Extensions are a great way to make your home feel more spacious and add value to your property. They are a popular choice for growing families who need additional room. A two-story extension is a popular choice as it will include an additional bedroom and reception area.

Are you aware that a garden room can add value to your property? There are estimations that say just a single square meter garden in the UK is estimated to cost £1,400 to £5,100.

A garden room is a sought-after feature for home buyers who want to use it as an office or games room, but it also has other benefits.

A patio provides a beautiful space for getting the most out of life. Whether you want to enjoy your hobbies outside, spend quality time with friends, or create life-long memories for the future. You definitely can't put a price on that!

How Long Would It Take to Build An Extension

Before you start working on a new extension, it's good to keep these things in mind: longer timescales and more of your budget than you planned for.

When starting a project, it is important to be aware that the timelines and budgets might need to be extended. However, this should not discourage you - extensions are much more cost-effective than starting from scratch.

After the initial consultation and design process, it will take approximately 3-4 months to complete a single-story extension. Extensions of 2 floors or more usually take around 10 months to complete.

Our garden rooms can be installed within 1-6 days. This means that you will have a usable space almost immediately after installation.

There are many other options that need to be considered before starting a construction project. For instance, flooring, walls and insulation, lights and sockets can all affect the time it will take to complete it.

We offer pre-wired switches, sockets and lighting dimmers as standard, with optional add-ons for heating and cooling solutions, TV points, kitchens and bathrooms.

Disruption and Mess On Your Property

The differences between a garden building and extending your home is interesting and might influence you decision on which to go for. For example, an extension requires the demolition of the existing walls of your home - resulting in disruption to the overall cleanliness of your home and more noise.

If you need an extension at home, you may have to stay somewhere else. This is because it can take up to 10 weeks before the construction is completed and your family are able to move back in. Younger children might also struggle with staying away from their home too long and those who work from home will find it difficult.

Building a garden room will add costs and be time-consuming. However, this may be worthwhile if you want to enjoy the peace offered by a separate area of your house, with little noise or disturbance.

So, a garden room or an extension? You'll need to consider all the factors and they should be different for every homeowner. For more information, you could visit our stunning garden room gallery or contact our team.